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The more aggressive a woman is with her body language and voice, the less feminine she will generally appear.Being a classy woman will automatically make her more feminine.Feminine energy is perfectly compatible with pursuing your own personal, academic and professional goals.Femininity is about the energy you radiate with your behavior and demeanor; it’s not about being a pushover all the time and letting others take advantage of you.And be sure to check out reviews of products from Beauticontrol to find useful information and reviews about this unique line of beauty products. This one is always a controversial topic on So Suave.will appear as far less feminine than a woman who is striving for a balanced life, who knows that she will be much happier if she becomes a mother and wife, and who naturally enjoys pleasing her lover.A woman who is less argumentative and competitive and more accommodating will come across as more feminine.

And of course, any nurturing behavior will make a woman appear more feminine.

A woman whose goals resemble those of a single guy who never plans to settle, such as focusing completely on her career and her next promotion while sacrificing other parts of her life is not going to come across as feminine.

A woman who partially or fully dismisses traditional female values, such as being a mother, a wife, and engaging in such activities as cooking, cleaning, etc…

The vast majority of men are naturally attracted and driven sexually and otherwise to women who are feminine. The formal definition of femininity is a good start, but it doesn’t really get you far in understanding what makes one woman appear more feminine than the other. A woman who has a more attractive body physically (wider hips, narrower waist, softer and smoother skin, thicker lips and eye brows, moderate height etc..) will likely come across as more feminine.

I believe that the femininity consists of three components: 1. Feminine style of clothing, such as wearing skirts and dresses will also contribute to a woman’s physical femininity more than a unisex attire.

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