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Usually, they don’t have major goals or achievements in life.

Women fall in love with Peter Pans, because it’s natural and extremely easy, they are very sensitive, emotional and magical.Immaturity of such a person can reveal itself in many aspects of life, starting from the inability to take responsibility or care of another, working only pleasurable jobs, never committing to anything or anyone, to not being able to physically take care of oneself, like doing laundry or cleaning the house.Peter Pans are usually perfect at dating, they are romantic, sweet and try hard for the first couple of months.I’ve been on dates, in long-term relationships, and feel like have a right to speak up and share my learnings that are purely based on my own worldview and stories of my close friends.I’ve realized that there is the whole social segment of men, in the late 30ies, or even 40ies who act like teenagers.

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It might spice feelings and make a woman attractive to him again.

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