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"Doesn't work with me.""Yeah, it only works with -" Lionheart stopped. ""Well, you walked through the door, and -" Oakheart stopped speaking on account of looks from the others. ""I'm – you think I'm gonna hesitate to-""THAT'S ENOUGH! Tallstar flinched."If we weren't in Star Clan," Yellowfang snarled."AH!! " The other cats stared at Redtail, who was rolling around on the floor, covering his ears, and screaming."What ? Because they had been talking, almost completely missed the beginning (or middle, rather - two parter) and came in at the middle. With…Redtail, Lionheart, Tigerstar, and Whitestorm dove under the couch cushions, while Oakheart and Tallstar looked on with slight fear. Yellowfang rolled her eyes."But-" Oakheart started."NO BUTS! "Oh, all right." She grinned evilly, dragging a screaming Tigerstar out of the room by his scruff, and shutting the door behind her."Hey look, the oneshot's on! ""You shouldn't be on River Clan territory, Daisy," he said, giving her an affectionate nuzzle. "Our kits, Hawkfrost." She mewed."I know; but you can't stay here," Hawkfrost nodded toward Wind Clan land. Redtail was dancing to the music."Well, he was more like Hawkfrost this episode," Tallstar remarked, batting at Redtail, who still didn't stop dancing."Eh, it was just like last week," Yellowfang swatted a paw at the air."Old coot," Lionheart muttered under his breath."Call me old," Yellowfang unsheathed her claws.

"She could have meant -""Shut up while you're at it," Yellowfang muttered."Me? ""Don't you make me pull out the death berries on you boy! "Well, for one, Tallstar didn't eat the breath mint I gave him." The others glared at said Clan leader before Redtail lapsed into hysterics again. They drowned him out by turning the volume up ten notches – thus making the volume on 63, because old cats usually have it on 53. Brambleclaw poked his head out of the mass of she-cats. " The credits started rolling, and for a moment, everyone stared, as there was some music playing. But, the strange looks were over – well, maybe not.

“The Dukes of Hazzard” stars Catherine Bach and Tom Wopat are reuniting to celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary with the “Good Ole Boys Tour,” a car show and concert series kicking off on April 13 in Bakersfield, Calif.

MICKEY ROONEY' S DAUGHTER TELLS ALL“The Dukes of Hazzard,” which chronicled the adventures of “the fast-drivin’, rubber-burnin’ Duke boys of Hazzard County,” aired from 1979 until 1985.

They all flinched and fell silent when Lionheart let out a loud yowl, causing an angry Spottedleaf to dash in and demand to know what the noise was.

Dating Daisy by Daisy Mae Hello everyone, I am Daisy.

"The others looked at each other, shrugged, and then turned to the TV, ignoring Redtail, who was still rolling and making loud noises. Somehow, Hawkfrost was grateful for Thunder Clan's hospitality. " Crazed she-cats filled the stage, being viciously chased by Squirrelflight.

She also reflects on her past life with Voldemort (the dreadful ex-husband). She longs for a new companion, but has no idea how to find one. She forges ahead in her quest to find a lifelong partner even though there is ups and downs and trials and tribulations. is an engaging humorous look at one woman’s search for a new love online.It is humorously written, full of emails, poems, limericks, and even a recipe! She tells of the good, the bad and the ugly of the internet dating scenario. She uses amusing anecdotes regarding her daily work as a Sexual Health doctor. These are real events, although it is a fiction story, that are so funny and so touching that I couldn’t put the book down. I loved the stories of her profession as a Sexual Health doctor.Daisy can’t resist her pages of advice on topics like “Kissing” and “Anti-Snoring.” It is a unique and highly amusing book, which will make you laugh out loud! Daisy goes through the gamut of online male daters. It is a very realistic story, with realistic characters. She gives us a glimpse into that area and it is mostly funny. Which reminds me, we please ask our readers not to swear in their reviews - flaming is perfectly fine, but please, refrain from language. Firestar will make sure you and the kits are taken care of."She sniffed.

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