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Then they give you their number and tell you text only as their connection is bad for phone conversation. I was more impressed by and that's more of an 'under the radar' site so I thought JC would blow my mind.

The ones that do call sound like tribal elders and not even ladies. Not quite happened but still enjoying some naughty chats with a few filthy ladies in desperate need of some slap n tickle ;-) Not all bad!

Cougarlife isn't perfect by any means but I have met many good women on this site. Loads mair birds thin ah thot it wud huv an almost as guid as IMO. 90% of the profiles are fake, generated to take your money. Cant beat setting up a wee rendezvous with a buxom 40 something and her being all hot about the fact youre a gentleman who's still under 30! Takes work and a lot of patience but between this & (which I actually prefer) im doing not too shabby if I dont say so myself!

Yes there are scammers and bad people on this site but you have to use your common sense if you decide to use this site! Also, let me give you a little insiders' tip: There are bunch of older women on Yamvoo looking for a good time. Once I paid for my membership, they suspended my access and took all my money from the card. also no expensive likes, jist pure boring until ye git a reply an then things hot up nicely. I spent nearly £150 on this site sending out messages. Fake profiles of beautiful women used over and over again to give you the impression that it is real.

Then fake messages to meet, followed by credit card or personal ID scams. I signed up and started to browse profiles and almost ALL of the ladies are not even in the USA. They are from Florida, or Texas or California but are currently out of the states. Not some fake trying to scam you over the internet I guess when it comes to finding women to shag youre never gonna be satisfied but I still feel cougarlife could do better.

Also be aware that there are more men than women using this site.

But first of all, those fake profiles are easy to spot and you can easily focus on the real profiles and second of all, most guys don't know how to pick up older women.

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Maybe I got lucky on justcougars but I know I had a lot more fun during my first three months there, so don't really understand whats going wrong here. They do this to encourage you pay in order to see the messages.

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