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When it comes to dating and socializing with the opposite sex, women must abide by the strictest standards and remain a symbol of purity.Thus "casual" dating by females, with no intention of marriage, or dating outside the community is out of the question, said Shanaz Goldman, a social worker at Great Neck North since 1994.Assume no specific religious knowledge and explain all references to any religions.Translate all non-English words used, including Farsi, Hebrew, Arabic, Ladino or Yiddish.So the brother punched out the Jewish-Iranian student who had spread the false tale - and was suspended for two days."My best friend went crazy," Sasha, an 18-year-old senior, said of the fist swinger.Like many other Jewish-Iranian students, Sasha asked that only his first name be used.

If looking to date, and possible fall in love and marry, an Iranian man or woman, please consider Iranian Personals as it is the largest and most successful dating site for Persian singles living abroad.Not only does the strict bar against girls dating or socializing with the opposite sex collide with American popular culture, but the rule, under Jewish-Iranian tradition, also exempts boys who are free to date any and all girls - a double standard that sometimes creates puzzlement and resentment among Jewish-Iranian girls.The remarkable situation at Great Neck North can be traced to the 1978-79 revolution in Iran."Parents will encourage him to have a girlfriend - it's like a badge of honor."Sabatelli agreed."While Iranian girls are not permitted to date, Iranian boys are encouraged to 'have fun,'" he said.

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