Cocoa main loop updating

It's been a while since my last post, one reason is that I was away on a vacation, another that it's the holiday season, and another one that I caught a bad bad cold out in the snow.Well, enough with the excuses, it's time for some interesting programming blogging.

The final goal: Full feature parity with the Windows port.

Once this is achieved, then a lot of options open up for adding brand new features, as well as restructuring of the core itself to bring new levels of emulation compatibility and performance.

I've also noticed, after doing much testing of v0.9.11 and comparing it to the Windows port, as well as the various Linux ports, it's very clear that the feature disparity between frontends is becoming greater.

It was also meant to further modernize the code base in response to the further obsolescence of Xcode 3 in Mountain Lion.

However, due to the length of time since the last release, this version also added several new features.

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