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Many WWE fans wish Punk and AJ would return to WWE either separately or together, but the fact of the matter is that remains a highly unlikely possibility even a couple years removed from their infamous exit.

Thanks to the couple’s ability to stay in the public eye, though, there’s always a chance fortunes will wrap around to a time one or both feel they could enter the squared circle once again.

More than a couple fans have noticed the connection and found it a bit weird, to say the least, wondering just how far AJ’s idolization went that she saw fit to basically steal Lita’s boyfriend exactly 12 years later.

Chances are that the whole thing stands as an eerie coincidence, although it goes to show how complicated it can be to date within one’s own industry.

AJ Lee isn’t without her share of famous ex’s all her own, and while Punk’s exes might be the ones with more cause to speak out about how weird the situation was, it was AJ’s ex who went public with his thoughts on her new relationship.

One of AJ’s highest profile relationships prior to Punk was with future ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, who incidentally was also her first trainer in the wrestling industry.

It’s the latest negative story about Punk, who made a big move to the UFC from WWE in December 2014, didn’t fight there until August 2016 (but got a Fox Sports 1 documentary chronicling his journey), and lost that first fight badly (but gave a nice speech).

It has remained unclear whether Lethal simply made the comment to generate heat or if there was genuine animosity between the him and Punk or Lee, and neither AJ nor Punk have offered any response.Beadle was also an old friend of CM Punk, or so she thought, affectionately and absent-mindedly calling him “f*** face” when she passed him in a hallway.Beadle later claimed it was an admittedly weird but meaningless term of endearment, and yet AJ Lee happened to overhear what she said and took it as a gravely offensive thing to say.That led to an million January 2015 defamation lawsuit against the two from WWE ringside physician Chris Amann, which ended with a victory for the defendants in June after Amann couldn’t prove criticism from anonymous Twitter accounts with display names like “Mike Litoris” was causing him actual harm.(Seriously.) But because Illinois law (where the case was filed) doesn’t permit defamation defendants to recover legal costs, Cabana and Punk still wound up with a big legal bill of over 0,000.

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Of course, their onscreen union didn’t last nearly as long as the one they’ve been enjoying in the real world since 2013, which blossomed into a marriage somewhere around a year later in July of 2014.

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