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Then came the smell of sulfur, announcing the flames, and the flames themselves …onto the ships, darker and denser the closer they went.

It buried two entire cities, Herculaneum and Pompeii …All perished, including Pliny, as his nephew recounts: Ash was falling onto the ships, darker and denser the closer they went.Now it rains bits of pumice, and rocks that were burned and shattered by the fire …Many raised their hands to the gods, and even more believed that there were no gods any longer and that this was the one last unending night for the world … In a conversation with Harvard’s Shaye Cohen about something else, I offhandedly asked him if he knew of any ancient source that made the connection between the Vesuvius eruption and the destruction of the Temple.I believed that I was perishing with the world, and the world with me, which was a great consolation for death. I had already asked this of several other scholars, but none had any sources for me, although they said there must be some.

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First the dates: The Romans destroyed the Second Temple (Herod’s Temple) on the same date that the Babylonians had destroyed the First Temple (Solomon’s Temple) in 586 B. Two different dates are given in the Hebrew Bible for the destruction of the First Temple. The exact corresponding date in the Gregorian calendar is also a bit uncertain.

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