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Oil Drums FC of Manchester's sugar sheikhs are not going to be happy with a coach who led their club to a UEFA League knockout spot. Little too excited thinking about the possibility of all this. Otherwise, he's going to enjoy making ridiculous sums of cash to shop the Champs-Elysees, let a football club rest on the shoulders of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and sit on the bench not wondering, but knowing what color briefs David Beckham is wearing on a given day.

If he is canned, he's probably Roma's next coach, sadly. His fate may rest on Mario Balotelli's continued form and ability to remember to take his medication. Laurent Blanc Probably quietly a bigger fan of Blanc than letting on, yet also believe him to be overrated. His hat is still in the ring, if kicked slightly toward the edge now. Roberto Mancini The problem with this is its feasibility. Frank De Boer If this list was based on desire, he'd be at the tippity-top, having left Amsterdam with Kenneth Vermeer so that Ken could, once again, supplant Maarten Stekelenburg and we could all watch Maarten have a complete mental breakdown before our very eyes. decides to sell the club to an Arab sheikh who actually has the money this time, who then purchases FC Barcelona, moves it to Rome, and merges the whole thing with Roma, then yes, Carletto will be Roma's coach.

Kundërshtarët – “Ne duhet të shkruajmë historinë dhe duhet të luftojmë për të fituar”. – “Do provojmë të dalim të dytët, pasi Franca është favorite.

Rikthimi i lojtarëve – “Shpresojmë që të kem të gjithë lojtarët gati.

“We have players who play their club football in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

We have good characters and the squad is changing so we have a young team, but with plenty of quality.

A power poll seems a good idea, because why not, right? Walter Mazzarri One gets the feeling he's just ready for a new challenge and his most likely destination thereafter is Roma or another Champions League/quasi-Champions League club. Cesare Prandelli The only problem here is that whole gap year problem. Maybe not "eat a year" so much as "wink wink, nudge nudge." If they do, are they going to come out and say it, or simply appoint Aurelio for another year before saying, "Oh, yeah, by the way, Prandelli has agreed to join us." on the Sunday morning of Week 38 in 2014? That's like being a brilliant, nice guy with model looks yet dating a completely average girl who's just a sweetheart. But he is a coach with big match, big club experience who knows how to, at the very least, avoid screwing up basic expectations over the course of a season. No statement is larger for Roma than appointing Panucci.

There is no real system, just good old hunches and all that "feeling" mumbo jumbo which turns men into immortals and us into "Oh, so you were wrong again." Most of it is the likelihood of being next year's coach at the time of publication, but whimsy may take over at any given moment. The problem for him is he deserves a chance above Napoli, yet...who's his option? Everything about Prandelli fits this club and its ideologies. Except for the fact that he's currently in a relationship, you homewrecking bastards. The problem is his Lazio past, for one, though it should be pointed out the current regime is attempting to reel in a new fanbase which doesn't even know what the @#$% a 'Lazio' is ("Is that a parakeet? And there's nobody who'd be harder or more entertaining to fire when Prandelli becomes available.

“Scotland traditionally always had a good team,” he said.You can make a complaint by using the ‘report this post’ link .We may then apply our discretion under the user terms to amend or delete comments.Panucci scored the goal for Italy at Hampden back in 2007 which ended the national team’s hopes of reaching the Euro 2008 finals in controversial circumstances.He netted his header against Alex Mc Leish’s side after Spanish referee Manuel Enrique Mejuto Gonzalez awarded the visitors a free-kick.

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