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Evert had raised her three boys at the home but decided to sell up as her sons are now all over 21 and have flown the nest.

The mansion boasts more than 12,000 square foot of living space and comes complete with a nine-car garage.

that it had nothing to do with her indidual choice at all — to be "was perfectly happy to let nature take its course and accept responsibility for what was to come." Which, in this case, is implied to be that Evert put aside her seven time #1 worldwide pro tennis ranking (and career winning percentage over 90 percent, a record that's never been beaten by another woman or man), to keep it for him.

I won't even say "baby" or "child," because we have no idea how far along she was, nor is it any of our godd*mn business.

“In tennis, as an individual sport, you’re out there by yourself. A prodigy before prodigies became the norm, she was instrumental in putting women’s tennis on the map, assuaging the cultural scepticism levelled against young girls becoming professional athletes. Magazines covered her romantic dalliances with fellow celebrities (and even a president’s son).When the firsts finished, Evert continued to rack up numbers.Scoring 18 Grand Slam singles titles, overall she won 157 singles championships and 32 doubles titles, fashioning a career whose impact was felt far beyond the lines of the tennis court.Ironically, Connors writes that at another point, when Evert wanted to be comforted after losing a match, that "You can't have two number ones in a relationship." Uh, maybe that's how she felt about her tennis career and simultaneously being pregnant with a cluster of cells contributed by someone who was completely self-absorbed. Evert has since released an understandably terse statement: In his book, Jimmy Connors has written about a time in our relationship that was very personal and emotionally painful.I am extremely disappointed that he used the book to misrepresent a private matter that took place 40 years ago and made it public, without my knowledge.

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