Chaps leather motorcycle western dating

Our pants and chaps are made from 100% premium leather and feature durable zippers, buckles, snaps, etc.

You want your new leather pants or chaps to be pliable in order to be comfortable to wear yet reasonably thick for protection.

When you show up to your destination, you take them off easily and enjoy the comfort of your jeans.

Chaps are also not so bulky when folded, so you can just throw them in your saddle bag and never worry about riding through some cold areas.

However, at Eastman Leather Clothing, we are keeping a gateway to the past open.Established in 1984, and with an international reputation for being the best in the business, you have found the ultimate Flight Jacket website.Attention to authenticity, quality, and history, is at the heart of these products; when buying an Eastman, you are purchasing just that.It also offers better wind protection than denim and is more comfortable to wear when the weather gets colder.When you need better protection while in the saddle than your favorite pair of jeans can offer, you have a whole lot of options to choose from.

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This is a snug fitting jacket with a back length of 25"; we recommend ordering 1 size larger than your suit size. Antique /34-54The 27" authentic military A-2 made in thick supple lambskin. The lining features a survival map of Europe used by downed avaitors to navigate their way back to the safety of the allied troops.

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