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About two-thirds of the districts lie to the north of the river and the remaining third lies to the south.

The two sections of the city are connected by several bridges.

To provide homes for squatters, the government also developed resettlement projects in and around Manila that are easily accessible by land motor transportation. Modern buildings—including multistoried commercial houses and public and private buildings—are commonly made of reinforced concrete and hollow cement blocks.

The city’s natural beauty is marred, however, by air and water pollution caused by the expansion of industry and the growing number of motor vehicles.

Intramuros (“Within Walls”) and the 13 villages located outside its walls.

Metropolitan Manila was created in order to provide integrated services such as water supply, police and fire protection, and transport and to permit central planning for simultaneous and unified development.

The city has a chronic housing shortage, and tenement housing projects have been constructed by the government to help house the poor.

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