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Are the programs on music channels prerecorded or live?For example, I don't know that I've ever heard a live phone in on First Wave, but I've heard requests played, mentions of calls, etc. was in for Demos (or something to that effect), I dont understand if they dont actually have to be there at that time and would be able to do it anytime that week, why they would switch it up like that (unlike a real station where the dj's might switch shifts for a day because of a doctors appt. For example, is Richard Blade in the NY studios to record shows, or does he record everything from LA (or elsewhere)?So if you want to see what it is all about watch past videos of other sessions and after that go to private room and be a director of the hottest girls.On Streamate, there's at least an entire page's worth of "live" cams that actually comprise pre-recorded footage, typically of pornstars.I'm curious because if everything is live it would seem DJ's put in a lot of wierd hours! Is the music edited in later, or does a tape come to Sirius with the entire show complete and ready to air?Weekdays, weekends, two shows a day on different channels, etc. The majority of the music channels are voice tracked. The playlists are arranged and the DJ can go into the booth and hear the in's and out's to the songs and voicetrack an entire 6 hour shift in a little over an hour.We also list some of the biggest tubes online that also feature live cams, as in they have a separate section on their tubes just for that.Have you seen a hot babe that you’d like to see more of but she is not online?

They’re waiting right here for you and they’re just as hot and personal as if you had been there and chatted with her in live webcam sex shows.

There are hundreds of tubes out there that have recorded live cam shows, but we can’t list all of them.

Instead, we’re going to focus on those we consider the best, generally the ones with the best video quality and the fastest video streaming.

Isn't this technically illegal, being that Streamate is advertised as a live cam site?

It wouldn't bother me as much if there was some indication of the room being "fake" (like a different-colored thumbnail banner, perhaps), but there's no such thing.

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