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The relationship one has with their cameras affects their approach to making a picture. People who shoot film simply do because they choose to, and the Photo Culture of Tokyo is full of film camera users. Cheyeanne Alvarez got her camera ready to capture moments of families reuniting with their heroes. Dustin Peverill, Stafford, Virginia and Rebecca Calder, Washington. William Bowers, commanding general of Marine Corps Installations Pacific, salutes Marines and Sailors during a change of command ceremony at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Iwakuni, Japan, Aug. Charles Dickens once said, “Every traveler has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering.” Marine Cpl.

At the same time they physically exist as expressions of these same concepts. Clicking on the images will present you with a version 1000 pixels wide to further enjoy. Contact / メールtokyocamerastyle (a) Tokyo Camera Style on: Flickr &Instagram Visiting Tokyo? Jimbocho Photobook shops Part.2 Shinjuku Camera shops See something you like?A really good camera has something I suppose you might describe as its own distinctive aura.-- Nobuyoshi Araki I don’t think about what camera I should use that much.I just pick up the one that looks nicest on the day-- William Eggleston Cameras are wonderful little contraptions.Officially dubbed the Rokuoh-Sha Type 89 "Machine Gun" Military Training Camera, this camera was made by Konishoruko (which later became Konica) for training Japanese airplane gunners during World War II.According to International Military Antiques and Photo Gear-Heads, these cameras would be mounted in airplanes instead of the real thing as a way to train new gunners.

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On September 4th, Grimm heard about Shaw’s traffic stop at around 10 pm through the police scanner and drove over to photograph it.

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