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“This one’s 800 times better,” director James De Monaco told Screen Crush, while admitting he understood moviegoers’ frustrations with the claustrophobic first film.

She agrees to leave her home for a job in India, only to realize that instead of housework, she’s been brought to work in a Kolkata brothel.In multiple rape scenes, his camera cuts away so that the audience never feels the extent of her suffering.In between such moments of misery, Brown includes lighter scenes, suggesting that Lakshmi has never quite lost her innocence.“Anarchy” is a sequel to “The Purge,” the micro-budget home invasion tale that opened to a stunning .1 million last June.Universal’s marketing team did a great job selling the high-concept tale of a single dangerous night when laws don’t apply, all the more impressive given the film’s million price tag.

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In “Sex Tape,” Diaz and Segel play a married couple whose steamy hijinks mistakenly wind up in the Internet’s cloud.

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