Bridget marquardt still dating hugh hefner

In the middle, a very pale man was tending to his own business... None of the girls seemed very excited to sleep with their elderly boyfriend. Being a member of a septuagenarian's hareem wasn't a hugely fulfilling existence.

I was still in touch with Hef -- and then we kind of lost contact.""He told me there was always an open door, but I heard that that's not quite true lately," she continued.

Because otherwise the Playboy Mansion, the ancient millionaire and the ever-changing array of identikit blond girls might look really, really weird.

The Playboy Mansion was a heaving pit of estrogen where no prisoners were taken.

“I called and tried to go to the mansion earlier this year…

but I’m just getting the run around.” However, things weren’t always this way between Marquardt and the 91-year-old magazine mogul.

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She's rude to waiters, frequently hits the bottle and manipulates Hef at every opportunity. As Holly notes, "at 19 years old, Kendra was stuck with a 9pm curfew, a 78-year-old boyfriend, and a stricter set of rules than she had ever had at home...

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