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In all Dogman books there is a how-to-draw Dogman and a how-to-draw Petey. In one part, Petey escapes out of cat jail, and he comes and finds out what makes Dogman so smart.They each have an expressive face, like, for example, Petey has evil, sad, angry, super angry, supa supa angry, surprised, and sleepy expressions. He goes to Dogman’s house and sees him reading on top of his doghouse.

Mikki Morrissette, .50 This is a comprehensive guide for single women interested in proactively becoming and being a mother.Emma Brockes, .00 When British journalist, memoirist, and New York-transplant Emma Brockes decides to become pregnant, she quickly realizes that, being single, 37, and in the early stages of a same-sex relationship, she's going to have to be untraditional about it.From the moment she decides to stop "futzing" around, have her eggs counted, and "get cracking"; through multiple trials of IUI, which she is intrigued to learn can be purchased in bulk packages, just like Costco; to the births of her twins, which her girlfriend gamely documents with her i Phone and selfie-stick, Brockes is never any less than bluntly and bracingly honest about her extraordinary journey to motherhood.Gretchen Gross & Patricia Livingston, .95 This book is for any man raising a tween or teen daughter, but particularly the single man — with or without full custody.This is the definitive guide to helping dads when it comes to issues their daughters may be facing like sex, friendships, alcohol and drugs, and personal hygiene.

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