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But substance abuse can make the symptoms of bipolar disorder worse.It also makes the condition harder for doctors to diagnose and treat.There are two subtypes of bipolar disorder: bipolar I and bipolar II.While many teens can be irritable with or without bipolar disorder, the irritability that comes with mania or hypomania may be more hostile.His mother also mentioned a time a few months before, when Jordan was unusually energetic, talkative, and excitable -- the opposite of the sadness he now felt.The psychiatrist diagnosed Jordan with bipolar disorder and prescribed a medication to regulate the extreme highs and lows of the illness.If your doctor determines you have bipolar disorder, he or she may prescribe one or more medications, depending on the type and severity of the symptoms.

President of his senior class and lead actor in the school play, Jordan is outgoing, popular, and a high achiever. They discussed Jordan's recent mood swings, along with his increased need for sleep, his temper fits, and his desire to be alone all the time.

In some teens, mania's grandiosity may cause problems with defiance, as the teen refuses to comply with any authority at home or at school.

Symptoms of mania include: In adults, bipolar mood swings can last for weeks to months.

Lamotrigine (Lamictal), lithium (Lithobid), and lurasidone (Latuda) are standard treatments for the depressed phase of bipolar disorder.

Doctors are cautious in using antidepressants alone, as they might trigger a manic mood swing.

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Scientists don't know the exact cause of bipolar disorder.

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