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When the kids are way too out of hand for even TV's Nanny 911, just call Tranny 911 for some unconventional child rearing.Pepper & Cayuga of Sappho's Lips sing yet another lesbian ballad that celebrates all beliefs in Jew Bahai Scient Christian Hindu Wiccadist.Political Project Runway features Barbara Bush, Ariana Huffington, Abraham Lincoln, and Condaleeza Rice as they compete for Heidi Klum and the judges in this reality show send up. Jo and Blair discover the joys of friendship in a Facts of Life parody.Russian former KGB agent and chorus girl Svetlana kills for the gig.I'm not sure who told Amenda Bearse that a mullet, in and of itself, is high comedy.

To capstone the case, the Defense highlighted the fact that the Client went through a lot of effort to research why women like to be tied up, and how to recover his text messages AFTER the alleged incident occurred and before he was picked up by the authorities. Lastly we were able to show that he met all the appropriate criteria for the limited use program and that even if the board voted to separate, the worst discharge he could receive was an Honorable Discharge.

Logo Life Tips spruces up the art of cocktail parties by making your own Ice!

When I Knew recalls the moment when our cast members knew they were gay (or not)!

Gulf speed dating fort bliss Coast in Pensacola, Florida. Gulf speed dating fort bliss Coast in Pensacola, Florida.

Independence Bliss Cruise — Facts at a Glance Once the trial actually occurred, the alleged victim told yet a different story at trial.

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