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Very condescending and doing the bare minimum once they got my money.

Every interaction has been recorded, I have full evidence and am seeking justice for myself and others who are defrauded. The statue of limitations is 6 years and we can join together for justice!

She also told me that every potential match met with her and that the matching would be done by her team based on detailed interview notes.

I agreed to sign up and pay £9, 600 for the personalised matching which supposedly included their services networking on your behalf.

of the details, there's now finally a Facebook page that helps re-jog your memory: UC Berkeley Hook-Ups, where users write in anonymously in the hopes of reuniting with "Girl With The Face".

And because most of them involve illicit substances and NSFW sexual positions, we've kindly taken three of the best and cleaned them up a bit for your maybe-reading-in-public-pleasure: "To the Norwegian [lady] i met at FIJI, [eating pixie sticks with] each other was great....especially when you did it off my [uh...

However I was persuaded to sign up because of all the advertising about their international high end profile and was told that the company constantly expanded the membership as they meet new people that match member’s preferences.

I didn't know your name, but somehow we still made it back to your house, where i proceeded to [tickle] you over your child's crib, repeatedly. At 6 AM, like any good mother, you drove me home in time for school, telling me on the way that you are 27 and have a 2 year old child.

I must know your name, mystery [mother I would like to get to know better].

The person who I spoke to left the company soon after.

I understand that there is a level of discretion in making the introductions.

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From the moment that I placed a complaint, it took over a month to meet her to express my concerns.

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