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hpmyadmin/ Then, run this: Thanks that did the trick. I tried this same method of changing the board_startdate, but my date still shows up as December 31, 1969 AM.

Now my problem is all my original users join dates are wrong.

awesome, i host a dance music event board and im trying to find a solution for displaying events that users can post im going to give this a try.

suggestion: add a "attending" button to the topic's tittle thread allowing members to add names to the list or view other members attending the event Thanks for feedback.

At the moment we are focused on satisfy each and every already scheduled options. There is our sponsor first, pls read: viewtopic.php?

p=15007636#p15007636 Anyway, you are more than welcome to request extra features in our tracker: BB-Studio/Date Top ...

As such I thought that it would be interesting to document the descent into madness and the supernatural by creating a campaign log here on the forums. The game ended up being a bit of a session 0, with all of the players making characters and determining how they all knew each other and what the group dynamic would be.

All in all, character creation took roughly 4 hours (most of which was passing the single core book around so that everyone could choose skills). option and determined that they were all in their early 20's, and that they all were members of the Paranormal Investigation club at their college (the University of Southern Michigan).

Let your users become hosts and organise their very own events.First, go to get a unix timestamp for the date you want. I can see the updated value within the phpbb3_config table on php My Admin, but the Admin Panel on the forum still displays the 1969 date.Then, if you do not know how to run an SQL query, see this - ... One thing I did notice was that my phpbb3_config table did not have a row labeled 'board_startdate', so I had to insert this row, setting the value to the corresponding UNIX timestamp. DELETE FROM `phpbb_config` WHERE CONVERT(`phpbb_config`.`config_name` USING utf8) = 'board_startdate' LIMIT 1; INSERT INTO phpbb_config (config_name, config_value) VALUES ('board_startdate', 'xxxxxxxxxxx'); Steve - I tried that query, but was unsuccessful in changing the start date. We chose to create a group comprised entirely of the "regular people" P. We used the random background generator for all of the characters, which ended up yielding some very interesting characters.The cast is as follows: Dirk Dickerson III - A pretentious know-it-all majoring in parapsychology, lives off of a trust fund set up by rich relatives, has always been interested in the occult and his family's wealth allows him to pursue that interest professionally.

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