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If you feel my posts can help someone then link them the page the post is on. Is there any way to NOT completly uninstall it and reinstall it?Having to go and "install" my games every month is a pita, as is setting the dl and game location off my SSD every time.' In a nutshell, the cost of learning to ride a mount and the cost of purchasing a mount have been swapped.Riding (Wolf), Riding (Nightsaber), and Riding (Ram) are each separate skills that allow you to ride an Orcish Wolf, a Night Elven Nightsaber, and a Dwarven Ram respectively.

A non-honored, non-Pv Ping Human would spend 80g on his mount, while an honored human of rank 3 or above would spend 64g because of the two 10% discounts.Under this system, an Orc could give his Troll friend 1000g (undiscounted), the Troll would buy the mount, and then trade that mount back to the Orc.This was especially helpful for non-Pv Pers or those who were not yet honored with their own race.I have the same issues with Uplay but it usally will update after trying it a couple times.Steam, on the other hand has NEVER had this happen..agian almost 200 games installed I would quit gaming...

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That's strange...i'm using tuxonice with kernel-netbook...don't know what's the difference but for me it is working very well...i guess the only difference is in kernel-netbook it is built as static, while in pf it is not (may be?

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