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Read along and prepare to say "same."There was this guy with whom I 100% acted like we were dating, but he kept making sure I knew for a fact we weren't dating.

I couldn't be like "do you want to grab some coffee?

" without him saying "Okay, but I kissed a friend the morning after a night out.

So if anyone has ever been in this situation or any like it please tell me and tell me what you did in this situation.when he talks to me, he stares straight into my eyes and smiles shyly.but like i'm not sure if he likes me as more than a friend, because we've just known each other so long so it's so hard to tell. :c Meep- have one of your friends that you trust to ask your crush if they like you and see what happens next.Two years after this he tells me that he was "obviously in love with me" and he was upset that I didn't just feel it.Like I'm supposed to just ignore everything he says and act like a crazy, desperate person for years until he can admit it himself.

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