Aquarius woman dating a gemini man

They will feel comfortable being a society together, or even allow for space for the other to be social on their own.

There will likely be a lack of ‘labels’ in this relationship, which will temper Aquarius’ need to sometimes be rebellious.

Even if the romantic side never fully takes off, or dissolves over time, this is a relationship that is likely to last a lifetime.

There is enough intrigue for both signs to keep the other stimulated, but not so many challenging differences that either really needs to deviate from their nature.

This relationship is a once in a lifetime kind of pair.

This is the couple that will be friends for life and allies in everything.

Both of these signs are outgoing and social, which works well for this relationship.

Neither of these signs is overly possessive or jealous.

There will be a lot of room for exploration and interpretation of sexual matters.There is a possibility of distance, but this will work well in most cases.This pair will resolve most matters in logical discussions.These two both have unconventional spirits and between the two of them, they could start a revolution when forming a partnership.Gemini is seen by other signs as indecisive and even flighty, but Aquarius will see more than fickleness in this Gemini quality.

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Both signs know that the consequences of passion usually include misunderstandings and jealousy.

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