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It may happen with any women, regardless of her race and ethnicity, incomes, and education levels. Be brave and break silence, to stop destructing everything You abuse your mate, if love not your trait Relationships must be free from jealousy Start acting to prevent yourself from getting Abuse If you keep going getting abused you are your enemy Rebel is not a choice it’s a need if someone is abusive Love is beautiful if its Love not Lust Violence can’t be good, as its aggression doing some permanent Evil You can bully to dominate, however not win the relationship Relationship is ship that just seeks a peaceful sailor Love is a win-win game, get respect by giving respect Violence while dating reflects how your father treated your mother Your behavior with your mate portrays your background Choose to spread love, abuse spreads hate You are the only force that drives your relationship Your relation is your portrait Never judge your partner, you may hurt them If in doubt, clarify and resolve Stop the violence!Before everything gets ruined You can best decide your fate with your mate Dating is not rocket science, it just needs care and love Don’t destroy what you have with violence You can’t be violent to get what you want Be sensible keep calm and move on When you are violent it’s not you While being violent your anger decides your actions.Angry remarks or mildly aggressive actions - insulting someone's intelligence, throwing a plate of food against the wall - can both provoke and be used to justify retaliatory actions that may be more dangerous, like pushing and shoving someone down the stairs.On the other hand, one sort of abuse does not necessarily lead to another.

Shame on you Show emotions of love, not hate You don’t love your partner if you isolate them from friends and family Your weakness comes out as violence Don’t blame yourself for being abused Gifts can’t make up for disrespect and emotional diabalance Act wisely and strongly against dating abuse Yes !

Unfortunately more than 4 out 10 girls in college experience violence or abuse in a dating relationship, which implies young girl’s are more prone to dating violence and abuse. And this is possible only when you learn signs of dating violence and abuse.

A verbal abuse from sexual or romantic partner is also an abuse. Speak Up like humans, don’t be violent like animals Having fight only ruins a relationship Don’t choose fight rather opt peace and be bright Discussions are way more Rational than Debates Be a Man for her safety not for her Insecurities Attacks show lack of hack Be on right track, violence is a dark endless tunnel Think before using fist, others can throw back a punch Those who use brains, believe in power of words not punch Get along with resolution, Violence is outdated Convention Intellectuals believe in being peaceful Speak out to resolve, Keep calm it will get resolved Violence is unfashionable, why not look for trends Everyone has right to live with respect If you hit her, she must look for someone more manly Rise up against Abuse, it’s inexcusable Are you Violent, Get yourself cured.

” ― “The danger of tolerating any hurtful behavior is that it can all too quickly become the norm. "because the partner is perceived as the cause of the violence, the perpetrator feels justified in using it." Once the actions are justified, they are more likely to be repeated.

If we allow ourselves to "get away" with anything we know to be destructive - such as slapping a child or partner in the face - without taking responsibility for the gravity of what we have done, we are that much more likely to minimize the offense: "I may have overreacted, but she's got to learn not to set me off like that." . It is also important to remember that, in most relationships, both parties engage in some form of the abuses listed above.

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