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Christian Bale is a British actor who if famous for his role in the Batman series, Fighter, The Machinist and American Hustle.

He has won many Academy awards and has been nominated for the Golden globe award for the best actor.

Her pregnancy news came out only when she attended a ceremony with a baby bump.

Earlier in 2014, there were talks about Bale and Sandra living separately.

Hathaway was raised a Catholic and even wanted to be a nun.

When her brother came out as gay, she quit the Catholic Church and is now awash in uncertainty.

The Christian Bale weight loss diet consisted of an apple and can of tuna fish per day.

Before filming began, and in an attempt to look like someone who had the sleeping disorder, Christian weighed 173 pounds and had to use a weight loss routine to get to the weight of 110 pounds.In addition to the workouts and diet, Bale took vitamin supplements every day..Ultimately, he gained 100 pounds, which brought his weight up to 230 pounds.At the Sag awards party of the Weinstein Company, he was seen pawing at his female friend.The sources near to Bale denied this rumor and said that Bale did not even attend the party and he went out to have dinner with Sandra as he was leaving for China, the next day, for shooting a movie.

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