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We could thus question the capacities of anticipation of the biface makers or the capacities of abstraction and symbolization of the first men having buried their deaths.We could also seek to understand the conditions which led to the installation of a variety of cognitive processes during the evolution.

It is also possible to consider a more active role of hominoids on their own development and query about the impact of their activity in the emergence of new cognitive abilities.All these questions and many other deserve to be debated.This is the reason why it seemed to us that it could be profitable to rassemble specialists of different disciplines – paleoanthropologists, prehistorians, neuropsychologists, neurophysiologists, cognitivists, ethologists – all interested in the question of the emergence of cognitive abilities in the first hominoids, so that they could confront their points of view and their knowledge.This colloquium will focus on Mesolithic shell middens of Portugal and shellmounds from Brazil, aimed at shedding light on biarchaeological differences between fluvial and maritime/lacustric settlements regarding four main subjects: a) type and degree of bony manifestations of disease and stress; b) degree of the association of anaemia to infectious diseases; c) occurrence and expression of occupational stress, considering technological variation and adaptive strategies and d) dental diseases and wear in the light of prevailing subsistence patterns.Land snails are a frequent, often abundant, component in a few Late Pleistocene and in hundreds of early to mid Holocene archaeological deposits throughout the circum-Mediterranean region.

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