Am i shallow dating

Whether he spends his whole paycheck on Saville Row suits or wears the same old cargo shorts every weekend, it doesn't matter. I tried multiple dating sites/apps: Tinder, Bumble, Match etc.Furthermore, it felt like they just wanted to hookup and be done with it. Coming from a guys perspective, most of the girls are just looking for attention and not really for anything real either. Talk to a girl for a few days, get my hopes up, then have her cancel plans to meet up last minute.

Or, as Owen Wilson says in , see him as the counterpoint to your soul. If they think he's kind of loud or annoying or "not talkative enough," you shouldn't worry. He also might not fit the stereotype of others in his profession. Being physically attractive as a woman is still the most important thing.I have a great, funny profile but it’s pointless if no one reads it and just unmatches due to my appearance (which I can only do so much about without becoming dishonest).If you want to find new people to date then you probably need to find new people to talk to regularly.As a guy with a embarrassingly long experience on these sites I can say that it has gone way worse than it was at the beginning..

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