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Of course, why should she, under the circumstances? All ships kinda blend together after the reveal, so I don't think it really matters. When Alya had called Marinette and told her that she had news about Ladybug that she wasn't going to like, she had expected it to be something… Of course, Marinette had already known what happened, but she didn't think Alya would've seen it.

I'm writing this also to say that the next chapter of Realization will hopefully be written in about a week.

No wonder Alya had been so upset at Marinette's house last night.), getting back at people who hurt her…Marinette smiled wickedly. So awfully, terribly, horrendously funny."Uh, what's with the face? Marinette whispered into his ear as if she thought someone might hear their conversation in this empty, quiet classroom. Except, it wouldn't really be cheating."What was it you said earlier?

" Adrien chuckled, pulling away from Marinette's whisper-in-ear distance. "Marinette was about to laugh when another phone rang."That's, uh. Adrien came back from the shock of Alya yelling at him with a "Uh, um, Alya?!

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Alya instantly caught Gary's eye and after telling her that he was single, they shared a passionate kiss and spent the night together at Alya's flat.

The following morning, a now sober Gary was mortified that he'd woken up in Alya's bed and left as soon as possible.

She had already started looking for wedding dresses and planning how the flowers at their ceremony would look. When he was gone, Alya nudged Marinette and said, "That one's a keeper."When Alya had gotten to Marinette's room, though, she looked like she had just gone through a break-up. She silently thanked him for not just transforming there, or Alya would know he was Chat Noir. Adrien's reassuring words were cut off by Marinette's phone ringing loudly.

The worst part was that while Marinette was flushed with embarrassment, Adrien would go look over Alya's shoulder and look at engagement rings with her. Her mascara was running and she looked frazzled, definitely upset about whatever had happened. Marinette watched the video with a straight face, trying to keep the happiness out of her expression so that Alya wouldn't get suspicious. That is, I'm sure I can talk to him about it…" Marinette looked away from Alya. Or, I'll definitely find out something to do by tomorrow, yep! It's too late for this."Alya was still fuming as she left the bakery, but she couldn't argue with Marinette when she was kicking her out of her own house. She stumbled as she pulled it out, and then growled when she saw the contact name. " Adrien asked, shying away from the phone as if it actually was Marinette's best friend, ready to tear him in two."Of course not! I can't ruin it by saying something dumb," Marinette turned her phone off when it started ringing again."Have you got anything? "I don't know what to do."And then Adrien's phone ringed."Alya," he said under his breath as he also turned off his phone.

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Alya however decided to keep the matter a secret as her family would be very disappointed in her, although she assured Gary that nothing had happened between them.

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