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The one with the leather interior or shiny roof job. I know it doesn't make much sense, but sometimes the thrill of doing something you know you're not supposed to be doing makes it that much more fun.

I also realize how misogynistic it is of me to compare women to an object like this and don't worry, I hate myself for it. When we do something inherently "wrong" we get a small thrill and a rush of endorphins.

Recently, I hung out with one of my guy friends, who's in a relationship. This mystery man also left me with the tip to write for women from a man's perspective. Sometimes when guys are in relationships for a while, they miss out on all the fun that goes into the chase of trying to land a new girl. Well they may feel like a puppy with a tight leash if they don't try and chase a few toys around here or there. Let's be real - sometimes we just like to hear we're attractive. They may love their girlfriend but sometimes "" just doesn't pack as much of a punch as it does coming from a total stranger. You get a little too comfortable in your relationship and before you know it Saturday nights just aren't as exciting as they used to be. It's nice to know the next time you want to watch the previews and the end credits, there may be someone out there worth "watching" that movie with. If anything, feel more flattered that he still chose to come home to your pond after seeing all the other fish in the sea. If he's attractive, he probably just wants to tease you. Wanted by many is better than wanted by one so skip the third degree the next time your boyfriend has that annoying grin on his face like he does when he lasts for more than 15 minutes in bed. It's always important to have the next best make or model that's available on the market.

Well long story short, when he left, I felt like I had just endured two hours of foreplay with no finish. I thought about the way we interacted and realized I was being a total girl over the whole thing. It's not his fault he's hot and happy with someone else. Alright I know how this sounds but we've all been there. I know men are from Jupiter and women are from Mars and all that but guys are capable of having female friends. Girls, you don't always have to freak out if your boyfriend is spending time with another attractive girl. Like I said, men are all about their game and the position they finish in (pun completely intended). Just like men are with their cars, they're similar with their women.

Then we give a guarantee that the video chat Chat random you will like even more!

I hope you enjoy your stay here Because of all the spam we have been getting new members will have to be approved now for a while, If u know someone that is signing up let us know so we can get them done faster ----------------------------------------------------------------------- If the chat room says you are banned its probably because you never activated your acct by clicking on the link in the email you got when you first joined, before it didnt matter but we had to tighten things up because of all the spamming going on.

If you get the banned mesg just let us know and we will fix it. I want to keep it free so to do this we created a new usergroup. It's still free but you need to show that you actually like the place by making post on the flirting forums.

We both love music, so are off to lots of festivals later in the summer.""Paddy and I had our first date after emails and texting each other for a couple of weeks.

Needless to say that on the night we first met each other in person, we were both filled with nerves.

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