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Here are some helpful tips for teen dating advice that I have developed with my own kids, some of which have saved us from many of those midnight phone calls we all dread!

Teen Dating Advice #1: When your kids go out with friends or out on a date, save at least two other numbers into your phone and their phone in case of an emergency. Do you have the parents’ numbers as well as the students’?

” In keeping with teen dating advice point #2, you should have their address, allowing you to come to the rescue at turbo speeds!

Teen Dating Advice #5: Those parenting teens should give their kids permission to blame them when they feel embarrassed about wanting out of a situation.

Just because those who are parenting teens aren’t sitting in the seat beside our kids doesn’t mean we stop instructing them on driving conditions.

How often then should we be providing teen dating advice and addressing the manner in which our teens are handling their relationships?

Does your teen know how to avoid a catastrophic skid?

Just like a proper driver’s education, the right teen dating advice could save your kid’s life!

Guys and girls should also have one in the car with a hands-free device for emergencies only.Teen Dating Advice #4: Have an emergency code for help that will enable your teen to let you know they are in a difficult spot without arousing suspicion from the person they are with.This could be anything, for example: “Is the dog feeling better?Will my daughter be able to use her head to avoid disaster or will she be frozen with fear?Without the right teen dating advice, will my son recognize that he is accelerating at a dangerous speed and know to slow down?

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My daughter may have passed Driver’s Ed but every day represents another test; another challenge.

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