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I have over 5 years of mobile app and IT security audit and privacy experience for a major fortune 500 company and if using this app your taking many risks with minor children.This app can setup your child for cyber bullying issues in a heartbeat.I appreciate the higher age of 16 by the writer of this article, but anyone, and I mean ANYONE can download anyone else's videos and reupload them to their own profile or a 2nd or 3rd profile they also operate. This app is a product of Asia’s biggest live streaming APP company, i.e., BIGO LIVE, which has already crossed 200 million downloads since its launch.I started tracking these profiles leaving comments on my stepdaughter's videos. I have reported the videos and profiles, as have others, but they stay up and the profiles are not suspended or banned.This app tricks users so you cannot review or agree to any end user privacy policy before your account is established.The video I posted has asked that this account be deleted ASAP.I will monitor and see how long it takes for this company to delete this account if they ever do.

I hope that this app will be destroyed Because it is full of Child molesters, kidnappers etc. Then you find the worst of the worst ones who upload nothing but videos of little girls. Should I be graphic and describe the sort of things I saw? In fact, I question whether or not the developers had this in mind.

You can delete videos posted but not sure if this is kept on their servers or not.

All your information is open to the general public and anyone can friend you and you cannot approve any request but only block people you don't like.

When you read the T& C you will see what I mean.

You wave all your rights to you personal data and they own and control everything posted and there is nothing you can do about this.

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I have to be careful with my wording and make it not an outright accusation. I just find it hard to believe that only 29 employees can monitor 300 million users and all their videos.

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