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You limit identity access to web sites by selecting categories to block.When configuring a DNS policy and determining which categories of content to block, there are several levels of protection to choose from: High, Moderate, Low, and Custom.Categories included in the High, Moderate, and Low levels are predetermined and cannot be changed.Custom includes all levels—High, Moderate, and Low as well as categories unique to Custom.There is a sub-listing of content categories that are only available to Custom. Low categories are included with Moderate and both Moderate and Low category presets are included in High.

Therefore, when creating a blend of Web and DNS policies to be applied to the same set of identities, content settings are more granular when enforced by Web policies than DNS policies and because web content is served over the web protocol, it is more pertinent to enforce content settings with a Web policy than a DNS policy whenever possible.Any number of images can be displayed at the same time.If an image is available, it will be shown as a thumbnail on the information page for that entity.For all except Brain Trap, the images displayed are registered to the JFRC2 brain template. Using our Viewer, one can explore the anatomy, as well as view image stacks from datasets integrated by VFB.The Viewer is available from the homepage and from the menu 'Stacks'.

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Come chat to us at Neuro Fly (3-7 Sep) or the Maggot Meeting (7-10 Oct).

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