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To account for differential sampling rates (e.g., panel under-coverage) and differential non-responses (e.g., harder-to-reach subgroups such as younger minority men with lower incomes), and to adjust for other parameters such as marital status, education, parental status, poverty level, and insurance, the survey firm (vendor) created sample weights and applied them to the survey data.Although the 2012 ACS census data were the primary source or mainstay for the target quotas and weighting schemes, the vendor used the 2011 LACHS data to fill in the gaps for demographic information missing from census; specifically, the vendor consulted with the LACHS as a way to confirm census information and to ensure that viable ranges for demographic groups were captured when they did not exactly match up to the ACS.Objectives: Few studies to date have examined the utilization of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in a local, ethnically diverse population in the United States (U. Fewer have addressed the differences in their use based on inclusion or exclusion of prayer as a modality.

This survey was commissioned by DPH to a national firm specializing in online panel surveys.Although regional variation in CAM use exists (e.g., prevalence is highest in the Western states) (1, 6, 10), this variation is not entirely well-characterized in the literature.While such variation in use could be attributed to differences in cultural norms and attitudes toward these modalities (11), an alternative explanation could be that CAM has been defined differently across studies.Los Angeles County adults aged 18 years and older were recruited from a panel of subscribers, which were selected by a sub-contracted online panel provider.This panel provider generally invites prospective respondents with pre-existing relationships to globally recognized and business-focused companies such as Delta Airlines and Macy’s to join the survey panel and be screened for eligibility into various surveys.

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