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During the Celtic period it was one of the two administrative centres of the Cantiaci tribe.During the Roman conquest of Britain a decisive battle was fought at the Medway somewhere near Rochester.Like many of the mediaeval towns of England, Rochester had civic Freemen whose historic duties and rights were abolished by the Municipal Corporations Act 1835.However, the Guild of Free Fishers and Dredgers continues to the present day and retains rights, duties and responsibilities on the Medway, between Sheerness and Hawkwood Stone.Rochester was recognised as a City from 1211 to 1998.The City of Rochester's ancient status was unique, as it had no formal council or Charter Trustees nor a Mayor, instead having the office of Admiral of the River Medway, whose incumbent acted as de facto civic leader.Rochester and its neighbouring communities were hit hard by this and have experienced a painful adjustment to a post-industrial economy, with much social deprivation and unemployment resulting.

Neolithic remains have been found in the vicinity of Rochester; over time it has been variously occupied by Celts, Romans, Jutes and/or Saxons.

Rochester Castle, built by Bishop Gundulf of Rochester, has one of the best preserved keeps in either England or France, and during the First Barons' War (1215–1217) in King John's reign, baronial forces captured the castle from Archbishop Stephen Langton and held it against the king, who then besieged it.

Rochester and its neighbours, Chatham and Gillingham, Strood and a number of outlying villages form a single large urban area known as the Medway Towns with a population of about 250,000.

These places nowadays make up the Medway Unitary Authority area.

It was, until 1998, The Romano-British name for Rochester was Durobrivae, later Durobrivis c. The two commonly cited origins of this name are that it either came from "stronghold by the bridge(s)" Durobrivis was pronounced 'Robrivis.

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