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I cannot wait to get married next year and get to wear a matching wedding band made by Verragio!

" "I was given a Verragio engagement ring by my husband in 2004, and we married in 2006.

Thank you for a creation that will signify our love for many many years. :) Verragio is truly beautiful and what every bride should wear." "I just got engaged and my fiancé wants me to pick out my own ring and I just fell in love with Verragio's Venetian Collection.

I dont need to shop around, I already know what want . " "I purchased the Insignia-7023 a few months ago and will be asking my girlfriend to marry me in just a couple of weeks.

I thought it was pretty amazing and got a lot of compliments about it but I do have to say.... :)" "I was proposed to about 4 weeks ago, but my fiancé asked me to be patient because he wanted to give me the ring that I wanted.

And I am absolutely excited because a birdie told me that it was the Verragio ring I showed everyone on this website.

I love you and I can't wait to finally be your wife." "I saw my Verragio Classico collection engagement ring in a Facebook banner ad several years ago and fell in love with it instantly.

Thank you so much Verragio for helping my husband pick out the most beautiful ring a girl could ever dream of! I stumbled upon Verragio through Facebook while looking for rings and FELL IN LOVE!!

It is so unique and unlike any other ring I have seen which was exactly what I have been searching for. I can't wait to get the matching wedding band to make the set complete! " "I've always wanted a ring like my grandmother's solitaire setting ring, but I also want some pizzazz.

He recently passed away, and even to this day, when people see my ring and wedding band, they always ask where it was purchased. Verragio has a beautiful vision of how a diamond and a ring can be so significant, especially in my case.

My husband always said, "Someone who loves you gave you those beautiful rings". " "My husband asked for my hand in marriage with a ring from this company and let me tell you it's been a couple of years and I still admire it everyday along with all of the outside comments from other people!

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The diamond is very old and of wonderful quality but just under one carat so I wanted a very special setting to make it stand out. I have been wearing my ring since December 2007 and get compliments on it daily.

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