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The progression of a match will be familiar to anyone who has played a battle royale: Drop from the sky, scavenge for gear, make it inside the circle before the playable area shrinks.

Where differs is that it also has hero shooter elements.

Vengeance Rider is sure to improve your hand-eye coordination as you race 140 mph through the streets to avoid the traffic.

Once you touch down on foot, however, your mobility won’t be limited; seven different parkour moves allow you to navigate hard-to-reach areas and get the drop on enemies.

For those willing to risk their skin a little bit more, the “self-propelled gun” class will allow you to take out a large number of enemies, provided they don’t immediately spot you and blow you to oblivion.

A detailed guide — available on the game’s official website — will get you started with your first tank from any of the available classes, and it offers some additional tips to keep your tank in one piece during your first few matches.

Get enough bonus items in this car game, and you'll be able to customize your car for speed and style.

it’s possible to never spend a nickel in your efforts to thwart alien invasions, destroy evil orcs, and deliver a beating to unsuspecting opponents.

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Something I enjoy about this online car game is that the cars look pretty nice.

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